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Birthdays & Occasions

Marking and celebrating significant moments of change is something that has happened throughout history and in all societies. Acknowledging a personal landmark with a special ceremony makes it feel relevant and meaningful and is more powerful when shared with your community of family and friends.

Not all occasions require a big ceremony. However, adding some ceremonial or symbolic elements even if it is just lighting a candle, releasing balloons, saying a few words, or adding messages to a wishing line, makes the significance of the event clear and marks it out as special.

A thoughtful touch can help people feel involved and leave a lasting memory.

Whether your occasion is joyous, magical and enchanting or more reflective, transformative and healing a personally crafted ceremony will make it something truly special and memorable.

Some key milestones that can be celebrated or marked with ceremonies include:

• Significant birthdays
• Renewing vows
• Divorce
• Retirement and leaving work
• Moving home
• Illness and recovery
• Adoption or fostering
• Coming of age
• Business launches

Of course there are many more. If you have the seed of an idea for something you wish to mark or celebrate, I can help you grow it into a meaningful, personal and memorable occasion email me:

“We recently opened a new business and received a Ceremony in a Box as a gift from Katie. We were all quite emotional when we opened it as it was filled with so much meaning. The personal touch that a Ceremony in a Box gives far out ways anything that you could buy on the high street; what ever the occasion may be.”

Kellie, Ellie & Georgina at The Hummingbird Centre